Image credits

The images used to illustrate the recaps are derived from a variety of sources. They include drawings taken from the ‘Baluq’ text of the Arabian Nights, and also illustrations created for deluxe versions of the Richard Burton translation (English) or Galland versions (French). The illustrators include Virginia Frances Sterret, Louis Rhead, Walter Padget, Rene Bul and Edmund Dulac. The header images are by Ivan Bilibin. All such images are out of copyright and in the public domain.

The Arabic calligraphy logo was created by AD_LogoDesign.

The geometric pattern used on my social media cards was created by Gary Killen.

The geometric stucco ceiling photograph was downloaded from PxHere.

A note on the images

I am conscious of the fact that most of the images deployed here are by Western illustrators who created their work many decades ago. A common complaint may be that these drawings are anacronistic, depicting a stereotypical and innaccurate version of medieval Arabian culture.

Wouldn’t it be better to feature some artists who are actually from the regions depicted in the book? Of course it would, and I do plan to feature that kind of art as the project progresses.

I also plan to address the issue of orientalism and how Western depictions of ‘exotic’ foreign culture may be problematic.