Sunday Images: Willy Pogany

Willy Pogany (1882 – 1955) was a Hungarian illustrator. These images are taken from a 1915 edition of Lane’s More Tales From The Arabian Nights.

Sunday Images: Brian Wildsmith

Brian Wildsmith (1930 – 2016) was a British illustrator who also won the Kate Greenaway Medal. These images are taken from

Sunday Images: Albert Letchford

Illustration by Albert Letchford

Albert Letchford (1866–1905) painted the illustrations for Sir Richard Burton’s original translation of The Book Of A Thousand Nights and A Night.


Sunday Images: Errol Le Cain


Errol Le Cain (1941 – 1989) was a British illustrator who was awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal for Hiawatha’s Childhood in 1984. These images from Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, retold by Andrew Lang (Faber, 1981) are perhaps my favourites of the illustrations I have found so far. They capture the ideas of infinity and symmetry that are imbued within the tales and their structure.

Sunday Images: Kay Nielson

Illustration by Kay Nielsen

Kay Rasmus Nielsen (1886 – 1957) was a Danish illustrator.  A couple of years ago a book of newly discovered illustrations for The Arabian Nights was published by Taschen. There’s an interesting interview with the editor of the book on the NPR website.

Sunday Images: William Harvey

Aziz - Illustration by William Harvey

William Harvey (1796 – 1866) was a Newcastle-born illustrator and engraver. Each of these illustrations carries a different signature — Harvey did the original drawings, while other artists created each actaul engraving.


Sunday Images: Frank Brangwyn

This week: Sir Frank Brangwyn (1867 – 1956), an Anglo-Welsh artist.